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Personal Injury Lawyer Jamie Casino Lands Reality Show


Higson Cheney Mansfield, PC announces record bankruptcy filing month

 The Ventura County bankruptcy law firm of Higson Cheney Mansfield reports that it filed twenty-three bankruptcy cases in the month of October, more than any other Ventura County law firm.  That total was made up of two Chapter 11 cases, seven Chapter 13 cases, and fourteen Chapter 7 cases.  Cases were filed in the Central District of California in the Santa Barbara, Woodland Hills, and Orange County divisions.  Partner Andrew Mansfield notes, “We are especially proud to be one of only three Ventura County bankruptcy law firms to have filed a Chapter 11 case this month and one of only four firms in entire Central District of California to file more than one more Chapter 11 case this month.”  Mansfield added, “We are pleased to work on the complex Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 cases as well as the challenging Chapter 7 cases.”  Higson Cheney Mansfield has offices in Ventura, Oxnard, and Simi Valley. 

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